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Flights to India – Top Attractions that Make Them Popular

The enigmatic nation of India is one of the biggest tourist magnets that has been beguiling and attracting tourists for ages now. A rising number of people are buying tickets to India to experience its incredible natural beauty, mesmerising culture and remarkable heritage. Love it or loath it – holidays to India are bound to make a mark on your lives!

Indiaholiday packages have always been in much in demand and travel agents around the world know it. They roll our attractive holiday packages that may include cheap airfares as well as affordable accommodation options. But what makes cheap holidays to this country so exotic? Why people regard a visit to the world’s second most populous country an enlightening experience? Let us take a look at different Indian attractions that make flights to India sell like hot cakes.

Golden Triangle Tour

Golden Triangle Tour is perhaps the most popular domestic tour circuit in the entire subcontinent. The Golden Triangle Tour is named so because of the vague triangular shape that forms between popular Indian cities Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Each of these destinations is a remarkable place with awesome attractions that are responsible for making tickets to India so popular. Delhi is a charming city that overwhelms travellers with wondrous historical and contemporary architecture like Red Fort, India Gate and Qutub Minar. Agra holds the biggest charm of the world, the Taj Mahal – the iconic symbol of love and the country itself! Jaipur is a big hit among European tourists as the place reminds them of traditional India with big turbaned men, sari-clad women and astonishingly grand forts.


Goa is the most westernized part of India that entices tourists to grab flights to India with its festive spirit and grand merrymaking! The smallest Indian state is highly influenced by Portuguese culture and allows revellers to have a great time in a relaxed atmosphere.


Kerala is the final word on remarkable natural beauty! The place brims with incredible landscapes, tranquil backwaters, wonderful wildlife parks and scintillating beaches. Kerala is a big reason why cheap holidays to India are highly sought after by tourists around the world.

Best Time to Visit India

Indiais a captivating tourist destination and one can spot tourists in the country at all times. However, it has be said that said that period between October to March is perhaps the ideal time to visit this majestic nation as the climate is cooler and much more pleasant. It is also the time when major Indian festivals take place. But being the peak tourist season, cheap airfares to India can be a little hard to come by during the period. On the other hand those who can brave the scorching Indian heat and its notorious monsoon can land up in the country during the off season to enjoy special offers and promotional fares. Cheap flight tickets to India during the time are easily available as different airlines and travel agents roll out attractive airfares. Travellers can compare different airfares and pick the cheapestflights to India.

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