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Valentine's Day 2011 - Romantic Spots in India

For twosomes February is a very very exceptional month. They delay this month eagerly particularly the day of 14 February. Yes, it is that time of the year when you desire to influence your valentine - your loved one - your darling - with the flawless Valentine's Day commemorated on 14th February. The two of the twosome presents each other loving gift with a increased and gaze for a serene and attractive position to spend some value time together. So why not design a loving vacation on this Valentine's Day.

To assist in your seek for loving locations in India, here are loving getaways. Jet off to one of these loving locations and make this Valentine Day memorable - to enjoy forever.

Shimla - the Queen of Hill Station
Take your beloved Shimla, a attractive high ground position established in the state of Himachal Pradesh in the foothills of majestic Himalayas. A loving vacation in Shimla is a exclusive lifetime experience. Shimla is a favoured place travelled to of honeymooners or twosomes in love. Surrounded with broad timber plantations (consisting trees of oak, pine, fir, rhododendron, etc) and scenic high grounds, Shimla conceives a sheer loving ambiance for a flawless get away on Valentine's Day. You can furthermore relish here some of excursion & games activities. Temples, colonial dwellings, very vintage cabins, Jakhoo Temple, the Mall, etc are boasted enticements of Shimla trips and travels.

Manali - the Switzerland of India
If Kashmir is the "Switzerland of Asia" then Manali is absolutely the "Switzerland of India". It is furthermore established in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is renowned for its loving ambiance and astonishing attractiveness of its landscapes. Spend your value time with your loved one at scenic meadow or relish trekking through picturesque trails. Enjoy ballooning with your beloved over the Solang Valley. Try your hand in some winter sports like skiing and ice-skating. Defiantly you will have a loving know-how to cherish for ever. So should visit Valentine's Day to Manali.
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Flights to India – Top Attractions that Make Them Popular

The enigmatic nation of India is one of the biggest tourist magnets that has been beguiling and attracting tourists for ages now. A rising number of people are buying tickets to India to experience its incredible natural beauty, mesmerising culture and remarkable heritage. Love it or loath it – holidays to India are bound to make a mark on your lives!

Indiaholiday packages have always been in much in demand and travel agents around the world know it. They roll our attractive holiday packages that may include cheap airfares as well as affordable accommodation options. But what makes cheap holidays to this country so exotic? Why people regard a visit to the world’s second most populous country an enlightening experience? Let us take a look at different Indian attractions that make flights to India sell like hot cakes.

Golden Triangle Tour

Golden Triangle Tour is perhaps the most popular domestic tour circuit in the entire subcontinent. The Golden Triangle Tour is named so because of the vague triangular shape that forms between popular Indian cities Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Each of these destinations is a remarkable place with awesome attractions that are responsible for making tickets to India so popular. Delhi is a charming city that overwhelms travellers with wondrous historical and contemporary architecture like Red Fort, India Gate and Qutub Minar. Agra holds the biggest charm of the world, the Taj Mahal – the iconic symbol of love and the country itself! Jaipur is a big hit among European tourists as the place reminds them of traditional India with big turbaned men, sari-clad women and astonishingly grand forts.


Goa is the most westernized part of India that entices tourists to grab flights to India with its festive spirit and grand merrymaking! The smallest Indian state is highly influenced by Portuguese culture and allows revellers to have a great time in a relaxed atmosphere.


Kerala is the final word on remarkable natural beauty! The place brims with incredible landscapes, tranquil backwaters, wonderful wildlife parks and scintillating beaches. Kerala is a big reason why cheap holidays to India are highly sought after by tourists around the world.

Best Time to Visit India

Indiais a captivating tourist destination and one can spot tourists in the country at all times. However, it has be said that said that period between October to March is perhaps the ideal time to visit this majestic nation as the climate is cooler and much more pleasant. It is also the time when major Indian festivals take place. But being the peak tourist season, cheap airfares to India can be a little hard to come by during the period. On the other hand those who can brave the scorching Indian heat and its notorious monsoon can land up in the country during the off season to enjoy special offers and promotional fares. Cheap flight tickets to India during the time are easily available as different airlines and travel agents roll out attractive airfares. Travellers can compare different airfares and pick the cheapestflights to India.

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Entertaining Indian Holiday Packages

 India is well renowned for its natural and splendid attractiveness, supreme tourist destinations, the very vintage architectural temples, the impressive and chronicled monuments and an engaging weather, all around the year. The Indian vacation is conceived in such a way that the tourist can visit all the significant tourist locations of the country. It is land which still treasures the very vintage heritage and at the identical time furthermore welcomes the up to date era with open and welcoming arms. The Indian vacation packages are conceived as per the solace and convenience of the tourists.

Today, there are numerous journey bureaus, both government and personal, proposing innumerable trip packages to the tourists. But the tourist should select only those Indian trip bundle that are adept to accommodate his desires and requirements. For this accurate cause, you should design your journey goals in mind. India, the online trip operator pledges the cheapest and most delightful trip agreements to the tourists. The Indian journey packages are all inclusive packages, proposing you sightseeing of the supreme Indian destinations, along with places to stay in snug rooms and so straightforward traveling facilities.

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Revive With Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Mauritius

Looking for a holiday destination that promises seclusion along with excitement, attractive natural beauty along with vivacious night life and incredible wildlife along with delectable cuisines? Well, look no further beyond the mesmerising Mauritius! The place was created to be a tourist destination! Be it beaches, islands, mountains, marine life or waterfalls – Mauritius is one country that portrays entire geography book in one place!

With power comes responsibility and with beautiful attractions come tourists! Indeed, Mauritius is a well-renowned holiday spot and tour packages to the destination are as popular as the Beatles in the UK! However it is imperative to get all the relevant travel information regarding cheap all inclusive holidays, direct London to Mauritius flights and multi-stop tickets before actually putting on your holiday shoes.

Top Attractions in Mauritius
Mauritius’ attractions are unlimited but there are few that just cannot be ignored. Beaches, as all know, are the crux of this island nation. White, warm and wonderful – this is how the Mauritian beaches are defined by people who (well!) don’t talk much! Really, the place has some mesmerising beaches that have forced even the ‘late-planning’ economy class travellers to travel business class and spend their entire life savings on flights (just exaggerating, flights tickets to Mauritius are not that expensive)! Port Louis is the capital city that also attracts fair number of tourists to its shores.

Mauritian Culture is perhaps best defined in physics terminology! The country’s culture is the white light that falls on the prism and breaks into glorious colours of different traditions. European, Indian, Chinese and African traditions merge together to churn out an incredible Mauritian heritage that is wonderful and colourful.
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Looking for best in-flight entertainment please help me to find out Best Airlines

Hay everyone this winter i am going to Gao, India from London to enjoy my holidays. My question is which airlines has the best in-flight entertainment system? i am fun loving guy and i don’t want to read magazine while traveling. I love watching cartoon movies or action movies while traveling.

I have search myself on internet and make a list of best in-flight entertainment airlines. Following are the list Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Korean Air and Virgin Atlantic

Does anyone have idea about airlines which have lots of entertainment while flying?
Travel Question by : Marx
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Track status - Seats for British Airways & Virgin Atlantic airline

Please note that whenever you hold seats for British Airways & Virgin Atlantic airline on any GDS then please chase all the "Unticketed Bookings" on time and if passenger is unable to confirm the booking then do cancel the PNR at least 5 hours prior to departure time.
If you fail to do so then airline will issue Debit Memo against unticketed no show according to the class of service as per the current "Published Fare".
So please chase all your bookings on time to avoid Debit Memo against unticketed no show.
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My schoolmate will be in Goa this New Year 2011

Goa New Year 2011Linda is making her New Year plan in Goa. I was surprise when she calls me to join her to celebrate New Year party in Goa with her friend. In India Goa are main hub of tourist and even a very high Christian population reside here. Many visitors have discovered that New Year’s celebration is cheap and best experienced in Goa. The weather of Goa is absolutely unique during December month.
Linda has ask me to prepare list of tourist spots and activity to do in New Year in Goa so that there will be no hassle.
Although the Goa has lots of thing to celebrate crazy night such as wildlife resorts, clubs, fireworks, beautiful beach, green hills and so on. But celebrating new years in Goa beaches are different.
Below are the list of 5 Star Hotels in Goa which i found and even this hotels are arraigning events for New Years eve celebration its make my work easier. Now i don’t have to work hard to find New Years events sponsors.
 Club Mahindra Varca Beach Resort
Devaaya Ayurveda Spa Resort
Fort Aguada Beach Resort
Goa Marriott Resort
Kenilworth Beach Resort & Spa
Park Hyatt Goa Resort & Spa
Riviera De Goa
Taj Exotica
Taj Holiday Village
The Retreat By Zuri

Waiting for next call of Linda………………

Goa really deserve its legendary status its old spirit
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My Historical Trip

I always love to see historical place. One of my friends told me about Delhi. A place where one can find lots of ancients stuff.
So i have plane a trip to Delhi this winter. Before starting my trip i have read about the city online and make a list of place where i have to go and what will be the cost and how i will reach there. The best option which i found is Metro to visit around Delhi.

I took auto to get to the airport and wait for my boarding pass there it too hardly 20 minutes to be on flight. After a journey of few hours i was in Delhi Airport. Airport is quite good and its busiest too.
From here i took a taxi for a hotel in the way i ate some peanuts and drank beer after getting in hotel i jump to the bed for rest.
Next day i start my historical journey to Delhi and nearby area. I have visited more than 15 historical place in four days here i am mentioning few of them

Qutub Minar
-  Qutb-ud-din Aibak laid its foundation in 1200 A.D. Iltutmish added three more storeys. After damaged by lightning in 1368 A.D. Firuz Shah Tughlaq rebuilt the fourth story, added the fifth and a harp shaped cupola.

Iron Pillar -  standing in the courtyard of Quwwat-ul-Isam mosque has withstood the test of time (weather) for over 1500 years. This 2 ft high Pillar is a solid shaft of wrought iron and as per a Sanskrit inscription was erected outside a Vishnu temple, possibly in Bihar in the memory of the Gupta King Chandragupta II Vikramaditya (375-413 A.D.).

Red Fort
- Built in almost 20 years (1639-1648), by the Mughal monarch Shahjahan

India Gate - 42 metre high, free standing arch, designed by Lutyens and founded on February 10 1921 by the Duke of Connaught, commemorates the 70,000 Indian soldiers who died during World War I. "Amar Jawan Jyoti", another memorial, added under the arch in 1971 is the nation's tribute to Indian Jawans, who laid their lives during Indo-Pak War of 1971.

Old Fort -  the fort has a circuit of about a mile. Rectangular in shape, it houses the famous Sher Mandal and Qila-i-Kohna Mosque, built by Sher Shah. Earlier, it was Humayun (1538-1545) who rebuilt Indraprastha and renamed it as Dinpanalh, while Sher Shah who had defeated Humayun named it Shergarh.

Jantar Mantar - Of the five astronomical observatories built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur (1699-1743), Jantar Mantar, at Delhi is one of them. (Others were erected at Ujjain, Varanasi, Jaipur and Mathura) Built in 1724, it contains six masonary instruments, the largest one Samrat Yantra (Supreme Instrument) is like a sun dial. Built for observing the movements of the stars and the planets, through these Yantras one can known about the shortest and the longest day of the year, days of the week, months, time and other astronomical data.

Jantar Mantar

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List of Tourist Places around Delhi

Delhi nearby places to Visit

I have collected a list of holidays place for people who are looking for one night holidays near Delhi. Below are the lists of place where one can reach within 1 to 4 hrs. Refresh your body and mind rediscover yourself personalized holidays from Cheap Tickets

Place State Distance Famous for
Panipat Haryana 90 Historical, Heritage
Basti Uttar Pradesh 103 Temples
Karnal Haryana 125 Lake
Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh 128 Historical
Aligarh Uttar Pradesh 141 Historical
Vrindavan Uttar Pradesh 142 Pilgrim
Hansi Haryana 142 Historical
Mathura Uttar Pradesh 147 Pilgrim
Kurukshetra Haryana 160 Pilgrim
Govardhan Uttar Pradesh 165 Pilgrim
Alwar Rajasthan 165 Heritage
Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh 167 Historical
Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh 167 Temples
Bharatpur Rajasthan 182 Wildlife
Sariska Rajasthan 201 Wildlife
Ambala Haryana 208 City
Haridwar Uttaranchal 210 Pilgrim
Agra Uttar Pradesh 211 Taj Mahal
Chhachharauli Haryana 214 Historical
Jhunjhunu Rajasthan 218 Historical
Rajaji National Park Uttaranchal 223 Wildlife
Rishikesh Uttaranchal 228 Pilgrim, Rafting
Corbett National Park Uttaranchal 235 Wildlife
Lansdowne Uttaranchal 236 Hill Station
Samode Rajasthan 243 Historical
Dehradun Uttaranchal 245 Hill Station
Kalsi Uttaranchal 247 Hill Station
Chandigarh Punjab 248 City
Jamwa Ramgarh Rajasthan 252 Temples
Bareilly Uttar Pradesh 253 City
Sangrur Punjab 254 Temples
Patiala Punjab 256 Historical
Shekhawati Rajasthan 257 Culture
Galta Rajasthan 259 Pilgrim
Nahan Himachal Pradesh 261 Hill Station
Churu Rajasthan 265 Historical
Parwanoo Himachal Pradesh 266 Hill Station
Jaipur Rajasthan 269 Heritage
Khatu Shyamji Rajasthan 269 Pilgrim
Mussoorie Uttaranchal 271 Hill Station
Nainital Uttaranchal 275 Hill Station
Morni Hills Haryana 276 Hill Station
Jeolikot Uttaranchal 277 Hill Station
Kathgodam Uttaranchal 279 Scenic
Kasauli Himachal Pradesh 280 Hill Station
Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary Rajasthan 281 Wildlife
Mansa Punjab 282 Historical
Pangot Uttaranchal 286 Scenic
Karauli Rajasthan 287 Heritage
Kalakho Rajasthan 290 Scenic
Chakrata Uttaranchal 290 Hill Station
Ramgarh Uttaranchal 292 Hill Station
Pauri Uttaranchal 293 Hill Station
Chamba Uttaranchal 294 Hill Station
Rupnagar Punjab 294 Temples
Nalagarh Himachal Pradesh 294 Hill Station
Dausa Rajasthan 295 Historical
Bhatinda Punjab 297 Historical
Bhimtal Uttaranchal 298 Lake
Barog Himachal Pradesh 298 Hill Station
Bhandarej Rajasthan 301 Historical
Sattal Uttaranchal 302 Hill Station
Nakrasar Rajasthan 304 Historical
Pilibhit Uttar Pradesh 306 Historical, Wildlife
Solan Himachal Pradesh 307 Temples
Mukteshwar Uttaranchal 310 Hill Station
Ranikhet Uttaranchal 316 Hill Station
Naukuchiatal Uttaranchal 317 Hill Station
Gwalior Madhya Pradesh 319 Heritage
Arki Himachal Pradesh 323 Hill Station
Salogra Himachal Pradesh 326 Scenic
Ludhiana Punjab 330 City
Almora Uttaranchal 334 Hill Station
Nawanshehar Punjab 338 Historical
Shoghi Himachal Pradesh 339 Hill Station
Sawai Madhopur Rajasthan 349 Historical
Shimla Himachal Pradesh 353 Hill Station
Faridkot Punjab 353 Historical
Hanuman Garh Rajasthan 354 Historical
Moga Punjab 354 Temples
Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary Rajasthan 356 Wildlife
Naldehra Himachal Pradesh 357 Hill Station
Rudra Prayag Uttaranchal 357 Pilgrim
Tonk Rajasthan 358 Historical
Chail Himachal Pradesh 358 Hill Station
Jageshwar Uttaranchal 359 Pilgrim
Kufri Himachal Pradesh 362 Hill Station, Skiing
Kishangarh Rajasthan 363 Heritage
Jalandhar Punjab 367 Historical
Kuchaman Rajasthan 371 Heritage
Jubbal Himachal Pradesh 372 Hill Station
Kasauni Uttaranchal 382 Hill Station
Abbott Mount Uttaranchal 384 Hill Station
Ferozpur Punjab 386 Historical
Hatkoti Himachal Pradesh 390 Pilgrim
Thanedar Himachal Pradesh 394 Hill Station
Ajmer Rajasthan 394 Pilgrim, Heritage
Lohaghat Uttaranchal 396 Historical
Mori Uttaranchal 398 Camping
Rohru Himachal Pradesh 399 Temples
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pushkar camel fair
On arriving into Pushkar you notice immediately that the place has a small town ambience compared to the major cities of India. The layout is quite easy to get to grips with and within a day you will feel as though you know your way around. Pushkar is one of the holiest places in India, with the bathing ghats (it is here that Ghandi’s ashes were scattered) and the holy lake. Pushkar Lake is the only one in the country that is associated with Lord Brahma. Story has it that Pushkar came into creation after Lord Brahma dropped a lotus flower onto the ground. As you can imagine this makes Pushkar one of India’s holiest pilgrimage sites.  Book your ideal holiday to Pushkar with cheap Tickets to India.

Life in Pushkar seems to be much more peaceful than say Delhi, Mumbai or Calcutta. Yes it has its fair share of street beggars but the slum side is relatively restricted and much of Pushkar is characterized by white houses that lend it both a serene and quaint feel. Accommodation options are varied with many more mid-range options available than other cities, with havelis set around courtyards and beautiful rooftop terraces to look out over the unique skyline and enjoy sensational sunsets.

The best way to enjoy Pushkar is to wander at ease, poking your head in at the ghats and temples as you gain a feel for the place. Despite its smaller size, naturally there are astute locals ready to scam a living out of foreign visitors. Perhaps the biggest scam in Pushkar is the prayer ceremony (known as Puja) offered by faux priests who exist in quite some numbers, hanging out by the ghat gates to prey on unsuspecting tourists. The idea of the scam is to offer a personal prayer service to bless you and your family and to bring them good luck and fortune. The idea itself is a nice one, however it is the ‘donation’ that they will try to extort from you in order to secure the Gods highest blessings (at this point you should be getting cynical) that results in their daily bread. All well and good so long as you agree the amount you are prepared to donate before the puja begins, in which case you will avoid the awkward tension and hard sell at the end of your blessing. They may also try to persuade you to ‘donate’ your watch or other precious items to ensure good health, wealth and happiness for your family. Most travellers are not taken in to that extreme!

Despite the faux priests, the ghats are a wonderful and unique setting, both for photographs and for contemplation of life! Arrive early morning and you will witness a public bathing session as locals ironically ‘cleanse’ themselves in probably the most polluted holy water in the world! Be careful not to invade the privacy of those bathing by ensuring you leave your camera behind at these times.

Pushkar is known internationally for its annual Camel Fair, normally taking place around October or November time. At this time accommodation is scarce and it is therefore best to book well ahead. The Camel Fair attracts both Indians from all over as well as travellers in their hundreds. However it is well worth navigating the crowds as the Camel Fair is indeed a spectacle to behold. Traders from all across India gather with their cattle, but whilst there is a commercial side to it all, really the Fair is a 4 or 5 day festival of music, dance and entertainment, as well as camel racing. Prepare to be entranced.